How to add inches to your vertical jump?

Those who play basketball always want to dun just like a pro. But dunking is not any easy task, and people most often fail terribly in doing that. No matter you are tall or short, good practice can bring you the good result in your basketball playing. A normal and average people can’t jump more higher than their height. But if you are continuous practice, you can definitely make some change in your movement and your vertical jump. If you don’t know the accurate way of improving your skill of vertical jump, you need to follow some guideline, which will help you to improve your basketball playing skill. Vert Shock is the most reliable basketball training online which help you to add many inches in your vertical jump. So, how do the vert shock help you to improve your basketball playing skill and increase your inches on the vertical jump?


Playing basketball is all about jumping higher and dunking. If you think the game is for the tall person, then you might be wrong. Anyone can play the game. But he/she just need to master the proper skill of playing the game. Vert Shock is a training program where you will get everything to improve your stamina and jumping skill. The vert shock is an eight-week program, and you have to do almost 41 workouts in the whole training program. After each week training, you will notice the possible changes in your vertical jump. You will be able to jump three to four inches higher after each week. The whole training program is designed to give your body a shock therapy so that you can add inches on your jumping through the right way of exercise.

In this program, you will be able to prepare your body for the high impact jumping exercise. Your body is gradually prepared for jumping higher and higher with this program. The training program strengthens your body from the core point and makes your move sharp and long while playing the basketball game. You need to hold your power and strength while playing the basketball game. You will require giving the deep squat jumps in this program. This will ensure the higher jumping skill of yours.

The basketball session is full of excitement and continuous moving and dunking. You need to focus on your target understanding the movement of your opponents. The moderate to heavy workout plans of the basketball will help you to concentrate on your goal, keeping your body compatible with the game. On average people can add nine to fifteen inches on their vertical jump following the program. You can know more about vertical jump on the website of Slipfitness.